2016 -

In 2017 together with writer and mezzo-soprano Elea Bekkers, Niels founded “Staatsgreep”, an art collective focussed on radical new art. With Staatsgreep Elea and Niels want to take modern art out of high-society theatres and operahouses and bring it to the audience instead. By adressing modern issues in a confronting yet accessible way they make art part of modern-day society again.

Staatsgreep is currently working on multiple projects. Their most ambitious project is a music-theater piece in three acts called “Zij die Achterbleven”, or “Those who were left behind”. This operatic triptych tells the stories of two individuals who, through each-others fate, lose grip on reality. “Zij die Achterbleven” combines music, theater and dance into one artwork, making it a true gesamtkunstwerk. The first act “De Man die afdreef op de Zee”, or “The man who drifted on the sea”, premièred at Niels’s final examn in composition in 2017. Currently works has started on the third act.

In 2018 they launched a clothing line by the name of “Gay Cult” consisting only of second-hand clothing and fabrics and making them into new pieces. The various designed prints, varying from “consume” to “family disappointment”, target the growing consumerism crisis worldwide, while also aiming to shine a light on “cults”, minority groups which by popular media have gained a negative or wrong image such as the LGBT+ community.