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Niels was introduced into the world of (melodic) percussion by Wibrand van Norel, who taught him the trades of playing the marimba and vibraphone, while also teaching him the fundamentals of musical composition. Niels later studied composition with Caroline Ansink and Jeroen D'hoe at the Utrecht Conservatory. Niels feels at home writing for percussion ensembles, symphonic orchestras, solo instruments and anything in between. He writes in a pletora of genres, ranging from contemporary (classical) music to cinematic soundtracks.

“How I think up my music? I'm not content until it feels like I'm simply writing the unwritten. It has to feel complete, like it was already there in thin air, but no one wrote it down before. A great example of this is the Opera I'm currently writing with Elea Bekkers; every letter we write, every note we put down feels like it should have been there, and in a way already was. It simply didn't exists in an absolute form yet until it crossed our minds.”

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String Quartet no. 3


The Man who drifted on the Sea

Legend of the White Dragon


The Distant Light for vocal quartet

The Eyes tell a Story


It wasn’t long before Niels took the leap from musical composing to graphical composing. His design career took off small-scale, designing posters for local concerts at the local conservatory. Before long things got more serious and today Niels designs posters for orchestras, creates house styles for companies and shoots and edits videos for a multitude of clients. Some of his clients include the Dutch Student Orchestra, Operamakers Foundation, the Dutch Student Chamber Orchestra and the Utrecht Conservatory.

Niels’s style is best described as minimalistic yet detailed, tailoring every design to best suit the needs of the client. Again, versatility is a keyword in Niels’s repertoire. He designs posters, logo’s, visual identities, websites and so on.

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Niels is not only a composer and a designer. He also experiments with filmmaking, is an active percussionist and has worked as a marketeer. He is at his best when combining a multitude of his passions in one project.

In 2017 together with writer and mezzo-soprano Elea Bekkers, Niels founded "Staatsgreep", an art collective focussed on radical new art. With Staatsgreep Elea and Niels want to take modern art out of high-society theatres and operahouses and bring it to the audience instead. By adressing modern issues in a confronting yet accessible way they make art part of modern-day society again.



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