COMPOSER / CREATOR First and foremost a composer, an artist in all respects.

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  • COMPOSER / CREATOR First and foremost a composer, an artist in all respects.

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    Select sheetmusic available through the webstore.




    16th of April 2018

    Utrecht Conservatory - Fentener van Vlissingenzaal, Utrecht, The Netherlands

    Première of Niels's piece for four singers "Distant Light", based on a poem written by Elea Bekkers.

    Free admission/pay what you want


    Niels, also known by his artist name "Khasilen", was born on a specific day within 1994, in one of the most beautiful natural parks of the Netherlands. He now lives in Utrecht; a historic yet modern and progressive city, where he studies music composition at the Utrecht Conservatory.
    Niels was introduced into the world of (melodic) percussion by Wibrand van Norel, who taught him the trades of playing the marimba and vibraphone, while also teaching him the fundamentals of writing music. At the time of writing Niels studies composition with Caroline Ansink and Jeroen D'hoe. Niels feels at home writing for percussion ensembles, symphonic orchestras or any kind of other ensemble.
    Apart from writing music Niels thoroughly enjoys long and pointless walks, graphical design, observing people, cinematography and envisioning the world as a giant canvas.

    "How I think up my music and art? I'm not content until it feels like I'm simply writing the unwritten. It has to feel complete, like it was already there in thin air, but no one wrote it down before. A great example of this is the Opera I'm currently writing with Elea Bekkers; every letter we write, every note we put down feels like it should have been there, and in a way already was. It simply didn't exists in an absolute form yet until it crossed our minds.

    Keep your eyes and ears open; the world both exsists in, and revolves around art.


    Niels can be contacted through this email adress, or any of the social networks mentioned in the footer of this page.